Sicilia o6: sketchbook of a pacifist

The trick behind feeling like home is finding the correct components: warm and fuzzy home shoes, winter scent, a walking route to fare una passeggiata, people in local cafe’s, markets and even on the streets, who know your face, a close friend …or two, and an everyday routine – like documenting the color and behavior of the sea.

“Daylight came softly through our windows, not wanting to upset the calm tiredness that still lingered on our eyelids. Fatigue left me first so that I could rise on that Sunday morning without an inkling of a busy night. But Anikó remained captured by the sleep monster on till midday. Not that I hold it against her. I guess choosing a peaceful Saturday morning and a walk to the sea instead of going with others to Etna – a place I will always associate with destruction – helped a lot.”
This was the aftertaste of Magma, and it was intriguing – extraordinary people, interesting stories dressed as short films and animations in a three day long journey that started with a broken key. I have always been told to rush slowly, and this might have been a perfect situation to mention it, before impatience overwhelmed a restless hand and in a split second only half of Mistero Buffo’s key remained in her hand. So today(yesterday), on Monday, 6 p.m., we have(had) a technical situation, well – the native-speaking people do(did), due to which I am(was) sitting in my bed, not on the couch of Mistero Buffo, and writing this entry.

Sunday came so fast.. one by one the internationals were leaving, but all that I noticed was the rainbow windmill in our courtyard. It indicates weather Pino has guests in second floor’s AirBnB, or not – the mill had been in a standing position for three days, and now it was put down again, which meant that the French people had left.
We were destined for greatness the moment we stepped out of the apartment and headed towards the park, and this destination was chosen subconsciously for a reason. When we reached the viewing spot, the whole color scheme of Blue was laid before our eyes, while the sun was setting on the other side of Sicily. Colors mixing and mangling between the sea and the sky, and the sun – dedicating its last embrace to the cumulus clouds, while leaving just the shadow to the cirrus clouds  and coloring the horizon warmly pink.

Pictures for illustration:

“We have never walked there, have we?” –   Anikó asked, pointing to the road leading out of the city.
“No, but I am not sure if there is a pedestrian walkway.” – I answered.
“Like there ever is.”
So we walked uphill, entering an area of private villas…with plants all around – perfect for our soon-to-be improvised “sicilian edition” advent wreath. After walking for a brief moment we ended up next to Mariaelena’s house, and in a few steps we were already on the main road, spotting a sign that made us curious. It had a tree as the logo and it said Il Tocco.
Trust me on this – curiosity can lead you to places you would never find otherwise, because Il Tocco was a restaurant with several floors, built around a tree, and below it – a huge parking area with no cars, shaped like a golf field and surrounded by lemon, lime and clementine trees.
At that moment – while looking up and imagining the view from the outdoor terrace, we made a mental note to come back one day – preferably during opening hours – even if it’s just for a cup of coffee/ tea or glass of wine.

When the time came and we had to find our way back to Acireale, we made a conscious decision to go back the way we came without challenging destiny by walking on the main road. Darkness swallowed the city and we had to get ready for La Poesia in Teatro Bellini. Our cultural night out.
Ever since last Sunday when I accidentally walked into a preparation of an art exhibition and was invited to the opening on the same night, Teatro Bellini is becoming the second place after Mistero Buffo where we seek to find culture. Last week it was an artsy experience followed by Serata Greca at Mistero Buffo with greek dances, greek food and even a presentation of the greek culture. This Sunday at Teatro Bellini the same artist presented his book of poems, and soon there will be a photography exhibition.
These are the first steps of seeking light in wintertime for us, because if there is no snow to enlighten the hearts, there will be culture.
What a strange Christmas time this will be…


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