Sicilia 01 : first steps

It is raining today.*


*I stared at this first brief sentence for half an hour and finally decided to edit the pictures before putting my mind into a verbal, understandable and written form. Not that I don’t have anything to say. It’s more like – where and how to start? After meditating on the thought of not being able to blog anymore, I came to a conclusion – maybe, just maybe the impressions we have gained so far are not finalized for me yet. It is like making food (as a comparison) – how could you serve a half-baked bread to a guest you’d like to see again? How can I serve a half-baked thought to a reader I’d like to… see? feel? meet again?

The rain just got very heavy.

So with the meowing of our wonderful cats in the background I will try to be brief by giving some references to the pictures and trying to explain the inner feeling.

Acireale, Sicilia. The town of small walking streets that are not for walkers after all.
It is not smart to act all touristy and walk around observing the architecture and taking pictures without really seeing the road, because you would probably be hit by a car. Although it seems to me that the Italian drivers have developed an extra sense of knowing when to hit the brakes or honk without actually seeing the walker. And even though there are people on the streets in a visible distance, it is not a reason to slow down, no, not at all! It is more like a challenge to show your advanced maneuver skills.
But the town is beautiful and full of life – expecially during the morning and evening hours. But the midday siesta – a whole different story. Even the supermarkets close for two hours during the day… just to take a brake. So, if you decide to go for some food around 14.00 – no luck, my friend. You can get gelato and coffee in the center though, so it is not a lost cause.


Via Scina – a street so close to the heart of this town, I am surprised how lucky we are. 
Our apartement / house is the most amazing place I have had the chance of living in. The courtyard is like a small rainforest, and La Terrazza! – a chance to go to the roof any time and observe the town from above! First time Lisa told me about the terrace, I thought – oh, nice, something like a garden probably – how big can a terrace in the middle of the city can be… but this was not what I had expected.
The landlord Pino and his wife Rozanna are wonderful – and Pino even speaks a bit english, that is a rear phenomenon (even though I am lucky with people at Mistero Buffo, who do speak english).

And speaking of being lucky. Meet Anikó (girl on the right) – the other EVS volunteer, my flatmate and a wonderful person. She speaks Spanish, and, know this – if you know Spanish when coming to Italy, it is a huge advantage. And she picks up italian very fast, so she has been a huge support, even though this is just my third day here.

I know that at some point I will learn the language, maybe not so fast as I had hoped, but it will happen. This feels more realistic than it was with Danish.

So close, but so far. 
Yesterday we reached the viewing area/ terrace/ park and I saw the sea, but for days the road that led to the seaside was a mistery. We did find the way, thanks to Gabriella, after all, but didn’t try it yet – the rain was one or the reasons, but also the fact that we’ll need to climb down a natural staircase for half an hour… and then climb back up.


As for the flight and all that was connected to reaching Catania. Let me just say – the fear of taking my guitar with me as checked luggage was extreme, but totally worth it – the instrument is fine and maybe, just maybe after this year I’ll actually know how to play.


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