Denmark 11 – this and that, and Hamburg

“What’s up with people on this corridor?! Fucking ninjas.” / Ida

Not knowing your future plans – or who’s standing behind you – can be frustrating.
Since I could call myself an advanced planer, this is even harder… whenever people start talking about next year – how they are going to study, travel or volunteer, I see a blurry picture – shapes that changes rapidly. You may say “Don’t worry about it,” and I know that God’s gonna put the puzzle pieces together in His own way, but still – not knowing creates a fictional unsteadiness.

* I found projects that I love working on. Thank you, thank you very much…*

“Sometimes it’s just nice to be crushed by a whale.” / Nanna & Ida, a shared revelation

It has been quite busy 2-3 weeks. Some classes ended and so did the projects that needed to be finished by the end of last week. So far our most favorite subject was Percussion – an amazing self-development course that  challenged us, broke us and made us into a real percussion group in just 5 weeks. We learned many different styles and I will try to post a video from the concert at some point. But it would be fair to say that everyone is quite sad that this class won’t continue.

Strangely but the age difference has slowly but evenly vanished. We have been blended together – people with common interests and those who are at more or less the same point in their lives now…regardless of their age. We have become equals. I remember feeling kind of grown up, more serious, when talking to my brothers friends and people their age, and also the sensation of being the younger one in other parties used to be more noticeable. But now… I guess life happened. But we are still quite bad at playing grownups. Especially when we turn the Disney mood on and every move is accompanied by a song.


But this entry was called Hamburg, because I thought I would have a lot to say about our trip. The truth is – I was in 3 different countries this week and it was exhausting. Never trust the air conditioner in plains – it will let you down and you will end up having a cold!

“That’s a cute dog.”
“Oh, look – His skin is dancing!” / Nanna

It wasn’t all bad though. First day smelled like lilies, tasted like hipster coffee and Syrian food and looked like small tables, pillows and mirrors in golden frames. It was the sticker district that enchanted me…with hipster cafes and strange looking people – the free spirits, you could say.


Second day was very chocodelic.
“She gets out attention by waving chocolate in front of our faces.” / Nanna

Yes, we were at the chocolate museum, yes, it was amazing and yes, we got to taste a lot of chocolate and make one of our own.


The fourth day: “Let’s find you a hot none existing German guy.”

But in general Hamburg is a city that felt more comfortable than Denmark all together. I don’t know if it was the people, money currency or the fact that 7 years of German language made me understand more than I thought I would.

And I made a new friend. These trips are perfect for getting to know people more. Especially when spending 4 hours in a bus next to a person you haven’t talked so much to.
Ida is amazing and we made salad!


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