Denmark 09 – ravens… ravens everywhere

“From the way you’re describing your home it seems like it is a fairy land with a lot of forests and people and elves living on the branches. I could easily imagine that.”
/ Magnus/
“You don’t have to imagine, it’s true. My mom’s an elf and my dad’s a human, that’s why my ears are not so sharp.”
And this is one of the least weird conversations I’ve had here.

Before I continue, I have to warn you that this entry could contain illogical gaps of thought and incessant lines of boredom as much as sudden shouts of joy. When that’s covered, …

a few days ago I overheard  two people talking.
The main topic was us-students getting so accustomed to Hojskole environment that our walls are finally falling down. People who seemed to be outgoing and expressive at first are starting to be more closed and I’d say even human-like, but the ones who were shy and closed are becoming…weird? Smiling more, talking more, joking more… being less intense.
Myself included. 2
We have got to the point where we finally feel like home… more or less. And if at first it reflected only in the baggy outfits and none existing hairstyles, then now the attitude, actions and intercommunication is showing it as well.
But just like with closer family and distant relatives there are people you share more with and others, who are known only by their names.
The main accomplishment though is the ability to say anything without fear of offending someone. We are starting to understand each other’s sense of humor and that is a huge step forward. Although it separates people into smaller groups.
Also I think that hygge is growing on me. And it must be leaving a huge stamp, since Ehi announced that we are (me and Nanna) at the top of his “people who look super-cozy” list. He was talking about clothes though, but the attitude plays a big role as well, I guess.
For the past few nights we have been just chilling in the 50s kitchen.. and each night someone says: “We should do this more often”. Definitely.

The evolution of hair straighteners – now they can color and straighten the hair at the same time.

YAY!!!!! This day couldn’t get any better. [Wednesday, 13.30]
It started with a massive headache and unwillingness to attend classes, but the first thing that I heard after exiting my room was Carnival Youth’s song “Never Have Enough”. What? How? A not so world famous Latvian band being played loudly in the assemble hall during a danish acting class?
When I asked Morten (the acting teacher) about it, he seemed quite surprised. “I like listening to them,” he said. But little did he know that it’s a Latvian band.
Next pleasant surprise was “Netflix’n’Chill”‘s (our band) willingness to do something totally different. And actually being on the road of succeeding. I hope that we will.
And then the mail, oh, I was looking forward to receiving Sharpies around Friday or next week, but definitely not 2 days after ordering them! And on top of it Soren, the headmaster, announced that the internationals instead of spending another Wednesday evening listening to something in danish they do not understand, would go to the Cinema and watch “The Revenant”[free popcorn included]. What a nice day it was.


The thing I most feared came true no matter how hard I tried to stay healthy. Being sick sucks, but The Cough is the worst of it all.. and that’s what I always get. But it allowed me to discover new things about the Danes. Apparently black radishes (that have a different title than red radishes in Latvian) are not really common in Denmark. I even bought it in a Turkish store – not an average grocery store. And people were quite surprised seeing me walking around with it and announcing that I need to make a cough syrup out of it. Silly.

And now (with screaming little girls in the background) I present you – Carnival Youth.




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