Denmark 08: the paradox of song writing

I guess it finally came. The urge to immure or enclose myself for a brief moment.
Or maybe it is just a reaction to the velocity of events. A side effect of changing environments so quickly and being (positively) forced to jump into a moving train.
It could be just a symptom of going home for such a brief period of time and coming back without a day to relax and process in between.
It feels like since I’m gone everything is falling apart back home. Or falling into places, as one person said. But nothing’s the same. And I was away for just a month. How will it be in a few more?
With all the information received, stress of traveling alone and being dropped in the middle of a project week – where we chose Song writing that, in my opinion, is a slow process – my body crashed… not being able to maintain awakeness and/or produce a single idea. That was Tuesday.
On Wednesday I had decided to Not write – not a chord, not a note. To help others, yes, but not myself. And here I should say that the teachers we have here are the best we could get – they encourage but don’t force anything. They recognize an idea and help to develop it.  Either with words or, as in the Song writing class, just by jamming together. And so the roots of a potential song extended into the ground.
I got extremely lucky with Nicklas who agreed to help me. Despite his condition, the energy and joy he puts into music is astounding. And he has the characteristics you rarely find  in a musician – admirable talent and humbleness.
Also the Lovely love song me and Bjarke were working on entered the next phase of development, becoming even lovelier…till the Circle of Love was created – a mind-blowing ending to a love song so lovely you get nauseous just by listening to it. Not to mention actually singing it. But that was Wednesday.
On Thursday a lot of practicing and recording happened, and on Friday we had to present what we’ve made. Who could have imagined that 10 people – who are not exactly musicians – working for 4 days could produce 7 songs?
But I guess that’s how every single album of fond “Viegli” is created. On the other hand – they are professional musicians.

Now I know one thing though – how the French people feel when writing music. Whatever lyrics they put into the song – as long as melody is fine – half of the Europe will like it.
And I thought that writing in English is easier than Latvian. The thing is – not all of us, Latvians understand English. Oh, the paradox of song writing.
The song is not finished though. It will never be…

And, well, I came back just in time for the “Netflix’n’Chill” concert on Tuesday.

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