Denmark 07: Is there a Hojskole that offers an internet-free environment?

Once upon a time there was no wi-fi in Odder Hojskole for 2 days.

People were divided in two groups – the unlucky foreigners (with some exceptions) and the Danes (also with exceptions) who had internet in their phones.

Weird things started to happen when the souls that had lost their virtual wires walked around the school with incomprehension in their faces. What should we do now, on Sunday, when there is no party, no movie streaming, no Facebook scrolling, no chatting, no “important stuff” that needs to be done?

Yes, it was my Nameday – sorry about not-answering to the messages…for 2 days.^^

And so a new level of social interaction arose. People actually hang out in their living rooms/ kitchens and got to know their neighbors – or just watched tv. They went to visit each other in their rooms. They caught up on some sleep. They showed kindness, offering the movies someone had on their laptop. They cooked together, ate together…new, secret clubs were created and meetings arranged, and the thought arose: Is there a Hojskole that offers an internet-free environment? A “close to nature” circumstances with working in the garden, making your own green houses, learning and sharing the thoughts about the gift of life we’ve all been given. Could be, but if not, Emily’s going to create one in the future. This must have been the start of it.

DSC_3494 (2)
Nanna drawing henna on Emily’s face. Happens only on Sundays.

Apparently cake is a big deal in Denmark – or at least in Hojskole. There is cake on Wednesdays, cake on Gang meetings, cake on Birthdays, cake on Namedays, cake on parties, cake whenever someone feels like it – cake, cake, cake.
And yesterday Bjarke announced he wants to bake a cake today. So I had the urge to show him and the others this Eurovision 2014 song “Bake a cake” written by a wonderful person – Joran (a German guy who fell in love with Latvia and moved there)…. I think now we have an official “cake baking” song.

But that wasn’t the only memorable and/or strange thing that happened on Monday. DSC_3343

Ida was quite surprised and perplexed when I sent her this pic of our room without any explanation.
It had been 2 hours since she left for home to have some peace and quiet and regain strength for the upcoming trip.
“Wow! I didn’t think there could be that many people in our room. What’s going on?” she said. But this was just the ending lesson of the body posture course. And my room apparently is the closest to the Assembly Hall.


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