Denmark 06: [..] that’s a first

Apparently I just won the photo contest, yay! Have to say huge Thanks though – to Peter and his unconcealed expression and Bjarke, who’s going to be a great hair stylist one day.
Many weird things happen in Odder, this is just the every day life.

Golden moment
From the left: Bjarke, Peter

People are starting to feel so comfortable in each other’s presence that the topics are getting more unpleasant every day. Or maybe I’m not used to broad-mindedness since my home friends don’t talk about physical conditions, different body parts and certain actions like “the normal people” do. But it’s fine – I can’t hide from the outer world forever, right…? Or I can choose the topics that will be perceptible, and the topics that will be ignored.
Being a Latvian gives you certain kind of qualities that are useful when living in this closed community. (Although maybe I’m not the average Latvian.) Like the ability to debar the world while climbing out of your own skin and looking at the situation from other perspective. I started to practice it a couple of days ago. Some would just say that I’m introverting, but it’s different.

I miss hanging out with my brother…and that’s a first.
Maybe it is the reason why the idea that arose yesterday of getting him here made my head spin and produce various action plans. We’ll see if it all will work out or not. But just investing time in producing ideas counts as doing something, and it feels satisfying. 
Pilnekrāna tveršana 04.02.2016. 162300.bmp

Me and Ida are slowly starting to talk Danish/ Latvian to each other, that’s an indication of getting accustomed to someone, I think. And our room doesn’t look like an average dorm room any more (mainly because of the posters and all the stuff that has finally found its place – weather on the bench, shelf or on the floor).

While I love drawing and painting classes, sometimes it gets extremely tiring. It takes humongous energy resources to be able to focus for several hours – I’ve no idea how people do it. It must be a talent. But this way of image production could be compared with meditation. And not every day you want to spend the whole day with just your own thoughts.

Despite this feeling I’ve had some realizations in the past days. For starters I understood that this way of living and answering questions about the study process will not go through. Because I am not “studying” here, in Odder. The knowledge and skills that I am gaining cannot be measured from week to week… and this creates an obstacle when communicating to people. I cannot say that I’ve learned or will learn Danish, because I’ve understood that the learning process will start only when I won’t feel obliged to do that anymore. So sorry for the disappointment, friends, but I am not choosing Danish language in module 2.  Also any subject that reminds me of University or high school will not be considered as an option, sadly… I am not here to study. I am here to enjoy the time, do what I want to do –  for once in my lifetime, and I am here to find balance.

That is the mood of today. Under this entry you will find a picture story created by Asger ( I call him Oscar- sorry ’bout that) – a future film maker. I had to play Juliet.
See you soon.



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