Denmark 05: are you wearing pajamas?

I want a coffee or a cacao drink
(the one from Coffee Tower, Miit or Coffee Inn) SO BAD! 

Photo credit goes to Mārtiņš! #sapnoriga


Here’s how it looks like right now: We’re kind of preparing for a party. Ida is taking a shower, putting on a dress and some mascara, and I am… lying in the bed, laughing at stupid pictures on the internet and eating datels.

Party mood ON!


This was a funny week.
At week 3 nobody cares any more about their looks. Crazy, right? But that’s what living, eating and studying at the same building with the same people does to you. So one day after lunch (or was it dinner?) I asked one of the guys who reminds me so much of one of you, latvians:

“Bjarke, are you wearing pajamas?”
“Am..yes, all the time.”

That’s why I am seriously considering bringing my electro-geisha dress to Hojskole. Miss that weird outfit.

Not all of the drawing assignments are easy. We learned about perspectives yesterday and had to draw a chair… one chair. And when we were finished and absorbing the results, Mogens, the drawing teacher said this one line that made everybody laugh:

“I like that you keep on going even though you’re almost crying.”
And this is true.

But henna tattoos are spreading like a disease, will need to replenish the stocks soon.



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