Denmark 04: Aarhus

This is going to be a long one…

A cup of awesomeness. That’s what we had last weekend.
Just by stepping out of Odder for a couple of days and going to Aarhus, we experienced so much! And don’t get me wrong – school is cool and I love it, but getting away from the 24/7 schedule is healthy from time to time.

On Saturday I joined Majka, Magdalena and Natalia (Magda’s friend) in Aarhus, who were there since Friday evening. We stayed all together in an apartment close to the city center, but the story is not about the place, but more about the people.
I met just two of the guys who are living there – Aaron and Jakob – and their friend from Germany. They kindly welcomed us into their home and allowed to occupy the third guys room for two nights. And these people were so kind and generous!
On Sunday morning Jakob made pancakes for everyone just because he felt like doing so. And when I gave them a silly little thing that I drew on a cardboard just to leave something for them to remember us – uninvited couch surfers from Eastern Europe -, they decided to frame it! You can’t imagine how flattered and unreasonably honored I felt. So since they were the first people from Aarhus I’ve ever met, the bar of kindness is raised high.

On Saturday the highlight of the day was definitely the Botanical garden. In Aarhus it is funded by the people, so there is no entry fee. And it was Amazing! Plants from all over the world, educational stuff and butterflies, piranhas and huge trees and a viewing tower in the middle of the biggest building – covered with a dome. You can see it in the picture below – just behind the windmills.

After this we found a cozy cafe, drank coffee/ tea and ate cake and in the evening went to a concert place/ nightclub called “Train” where 3 bands were playing that night. Sadly we heard just a tiny bit of the 2nd one “Turquoise Sun”, but heard the full performance of “Thunderboss”. I am still not sure if the vocalist sang “no mustache” or “grow mustache”, but the song was cool.

And on the next day we went to the flea market, yay! (I really love those kind of markets), but on our way we found a place called REUSE. The concept is simple – If you have some stuff that is still usable but you don’t need it any more, bring it here and someone will definitely take it eventually. And that’s how we got three bicycles for free! Imagine that… three bikes – and the old man who was volunteering there (or just had a kind heart) fixed the bikes so that they could be ride-able.

To sum it up – Aarhus is a nice city with kind people and you should definitely get lost in Aarhus for a couple of times. And when you’ll get there, at first you will feel like in a movie about a generation that supports only the young & strong and gets rid on the elderly. Because, seriously, you won’t see a lot of old people on the streets. Actually I think that the only old man I saw was the one that fixed our bikes. But Aarhus is supposedly a “student city” – at least that’s what people say.
I still find it extremely weird.

And now – one not very long depressive passage. It was about time, wasn’t it?
After you’ve been socializing a lot there comes a period of non socialization – that “please just leave me alone for a moment” phase. And I finally saluted it on Monday.
It started with the not so smiley “resting bitch face” and people asking if I’m angry or what? Although it’s kind of different in DK – Rune laughed at me on Monday, when I must have looked like the angriest person on planet Earth but really was just extremely tired. We had drawing class at 9.30 a.m. and I just couldn’t wake up. And he wasn’t the only one laughing. But you know what – repelling negative energy with positive sometimes makes a huge difference.
Guess I am starting to appreciate coffee. More. And finally feeling the difference after drinking one. The past me would kick my ass for saying that.
Also it’s sometimes hard being one of the only tidiness freaks in the corridor, but that’s what living in a community means, right? Accepting everyone as they are…
Good that I have Ida.

In one of the previous entries I promised to show some of my art works – one in particular to Sune, who kindly reminded me Pēdējie atjauninātiethat I wrote that. But some of you have asked to take pictures as well.
Ok, so here it goes. I’m no Da Vinci and these are the first steps, be gentile in your criticism. (All photos taken with a little help from my phone. Yes, I am too lazy to pick up the camera, I admit that.)Desktop

See you soon (hopefully).



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