Denmark 03: I went to the seaside last Sunday

This school is filled with doppelgangers.

ARoS museum in Aarhus. From the left: Ida, Christopher, Bjarke, Mark


At the first week the sensation was more dramatic since there are people who truly look and act like someone I know from home… or from movies, but now new shades of similarities appear even in those folks who didn’t remind me of anyone in particular.

First of all the random system of accidentally putting people with similar background and personalities, and interests that are not precisely connected to the subjects we chose, in the same room was mind blowing.
We were considering the fact that someone must have stalked our Facebook profiles before making the room list, because there is no chance that it was random. It couldn’t be.

Yes, I do have mustache in this picture

Meet Ida. My roomie. We are the same age, brown hair, tea lovers! She has a bachelor’s degree in communication, I think. Media for sure. And she doesn’t feel like that way was the right one for her. And that’s why she’s here. Sounds familiar maybe? Indeed it does. This text could be copied and pasted.
But I couldn’t have got a better roommate.
And that is the same story for a lot of us. For some it is the shared interest in traveling and analog photography, for others – philosophy of life and the condition of their bodies and minds… and so on.

As a person who finds visual and audial impressions very powerful and has a hard time adding meaning to the words and titles, I found myself wondering around the school and having flashbacks every time someone did or said something. And I truly apologize if the staring made someone uncomfortable.
But the thing is – I’m starting to realize that the world is made of patterns that can be combined in certain number of times before it starts to repeat. Each of us have more or less the same palette of emotion and expression – and your personality is determined by how you chose to use these colors you have.
Or maybe it’s just the artist speaking now because I had around 7 hours of painting and drawing today… and will have some more tomorrow.

Anyhow – I went to the seaside last Sunday. And had an unexpected surprise when I discovered that it isn’t that close after all – 7,5 km one way, then some more at the beach. And yes, the sea wasn’t frozen, there were dogs swimming and people just having a nice Sunday walk at the beach. Sorry, my dear Latvians, this is how it looks like: DSC_3167

The weather in Denmark is strange that way. When I came to Odder, for a week we had different weather each day. Wet snow when I arrived, Foggy days, “All melted away and dry” days, “It’s snowing again” days and so on… now we’ve had frost for a couple of days… and it feels like home again.
This was the weather report. Thanks for watching.

But I am doing fine, if you want to know. More than fine. See you soon.



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