Denmark 01

It seems like POMME has become a blog that I write only when I’m away from home and/or interacting with foreigners. Of course there are some random posts, but mostly this is the deal. So today I’m starting a new chapter. Or should I say – the first chapter of series from Denmark.

First of all I would like to apologize to all those nice people to whom I’ve been writing less and less… and eventually ignoring the fact that I have a new message. With all that is happening it’s getting harder to focus on the small things. And with every DSC_3161-2day I am discovering the magic of writing letters. Once people had an opportunity to focus on that one letter – to truly express everything they feel, to poetically describe all that they’ve done and to ask questions that they were deeply interested in. Of course politeness and social norms were a big part of that, but by writing letters the recipients had the time to experience longing. And by longing to receive a letter, the words gained a whole new
meaning. And they were written with the hands of another human being.
That is why I l will try to write a variation of a letter once in a week or two.

For those who haven’t noticed yet that I’m gone, on 8th of January I moved to Denmark. And for a week now I have been living in Odder – a not so small town in the middle of Denmark – south of Aarhus. And the best thing about it – it’s located next to the sea. I have always wanted to live near the sea. Just 6 kilometers and you’re at the most peaceful place there is. And, Anete, if you’re reading this – I am already planning a trek along the seaside.

The official reason I moved here is to study, but the true meaning of this journey will be a way to grow in the sense of challenging myself and doing things I haven’t done – even if I’ve always wanted to. For example – yesterday I discovered that I suck at painting (and I know that some of you will dispute that but it’s true).
I will do it anyway.


Sometimes a drastic change of environment is the most effective way to discover oneself.

The other reason why this doesn’t feel like  studying is the inconceivable freedom to choose whatever you like. And the subjects vary from Journalism, Art theory and Music production to Meditation, Mindfulness and Salsa. And these are just a few of the choices Odder Hojskole provides. When compered to home this sounds just implausible. We have the freedom to make our time count. No exams, no harshness, no stress and, well, no diploma – but I feel that this half of a year  will teach me more than anything that I studied before.

So here is a view form my window. The whole story about this week will follow.



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