Kuldiga 20

When I was thinking about going to Riga for a few days I found myself in a state of mind where I’m planning a trip away from home – “What should I take with me, what should I leave? How long will I be away and when we’ll be back? Have we finished all the stories? (haven’t jet)”. Kuldiga has grown on me.

Since today was gray and David had a shock therapy the day before because of an unexpected question if he’s ready to give a presentation on Wednesday(today), we decided – it’s better to take it easy. People should enjoy their mornings more often. While taking your time, having a slow breakfast, you can manage to order your thoughts. For the planners – make a ‘to do’ list, for dreamers – listen to Tom Waits.

Christel came down this morning, looked out of the window and asked: “David, what happened? I thought we had an agreement with the Sun.” – the girls had been planning a meditational 20km walk on the beach today.

– “Well, it let us down,” said David.

– “It broke the contract,” I added.

The sound of Tom Waits made this day cosy. We decided to work on the presentation for tonight instead of going from house to house collecting stories. There are a few letters I still have to read and a few stories that are in the forming process. Yesterday while I was going through old pictures in an abandoned house to find some information about the people who used to live there, I found a wedding picture. At first the people didn’t look familiar. I turned the photo around and red the caption: “Raitis un Rasa Cirveļi, 1993.gads”. Only then (slightly shocked) I turned the picture around and saw these two young people – faces that I know for at least five years now.
A clue. We found a clue…a connection with the couple who had lived here once. A source of information…it’s incredible! Jet again – the smallness of Latvia surprises me.

“[..] these are the kind of things that makes this project interesting,” David said. “And sometimes it’s not even about the photos…it’s all about the stories we discover.”

A few one-sentence stories about today:

There’s always a tea time after you’ve finished something.

The girls locked us out of the house (accidentally) so the only reasonable thing to do (as we didn’t have our phones on us) was…tea – that turned into lunch – at a restaurant.

I can translate an hour long presentation about photography, but one thing I will never understand – the titles of Cuban cars and why is it so important to know the year they were made.

And a picture of course – I’d say it’s one of my favorites. – It’s from the Sunday’s polaroid party.



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