Kuldiga 13

I had a conversation with Christel today while she was making these funky looking braids on my head. The main idea was that nowadays the relationships between people are changing because of the opportunity of instant messaging. It has made our reactions quicker but we have lost the chance of thinking things through.

Writing a letter with structured sentences and deep content can be  challenging these days. I know that this blog (more or less) was made for myself – I’m collecting the memories from my time in Kuldiga that I’d love to share with others, but I can edit it at any time, I can add a post or a picture instantly so the time that’s invested in sorting the information doesn’t have even half of the value it had a century ago. 

I’m not quite sure where this leads me. Kind of had an idea of leaving the internet space for a few days to see what happens – although I’ve had this kind of experiment last spring for about two months. Nevertheless I may post not so frequently. 

This is us. Picture taken by Christel Ooms(first on the right). Next to me is David Creedon and Anete Bertholde – Christel’s assistant.  We’re such a dream team – went skinny dipping in the see tonight. 

mailsize portrait in blue def_MG_9031


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