Kuldiga 12

We woke up early today to do some yoga since Christel has studied it for a year. Instead we ended up cleaning the rooms, eating breakfast and going to the market for some vegetables while there’s still something left. Well, I didn’t go – the other two women did. We are sitting in the yard now, enjoying the chilly air as much as the warming sun, waiting for the radio people to come along. Somehow Ilze have arranged a radio interview for our artists – they found out about it yesterday.

So this day differs from the other working days. After the interview David’s making dinner for tonight and then we’re finally going on the road.

p.s. Write me your address if you want to receive a postcard!

With these people you never know how the day will end. Yesterday Christel met (by accident) an old friend from ISSP who was looking for accommodation. So we had a guest for dinner who stayed in the sauna house. Пётр was his name. He had driven from Russia for five days and stayed at the ISSP residence for two days because his car broke down. He’s a landscape photographer. 

Our playlists differ so much, but there are a few artists we can agree on… they’re – Tom Waits, Frank Sinatra, Mumford & Sons and Bon Iver.





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