“We are what we believe we are.” by C.S.Lewis

– I red this quote just jet and thought to myself: Could I be a bird? Or a plain… or a castel. Such a weird thought considering the humanity that will (hopefully) never die inside of me. That sentence contains a variety of metaphors… different ways of interpretation. The childish way of thinking would propose and accept the first thought there was – that we can change our outward with the power of will. A similar interpretation would be the choice of profession, but here the mind adapts this quote, telling “We can be what we think we can be.” Third interpretation – with a tendency to do some basic philosophy, would propose that all the borders are just in our heads. Can you see how many adaptations can be made – how the mind interprets these thought. Ok, I may have given the most basic examples, but what am I to propose philosophical thesis. 

I do believe I am a pacifist with a heart of an artist. The potential thought  of being a writer, a photographer, a painter and a musician fills my heart with one drop per day. 

Day five of fieldwork. It’s a resting day tomorrow. 



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