Kuldiga 06-08

A few news:

06.08. The phrase ‘we accidentally broke into a church’ somehow makes people laugh. It seemed to me that the doors were open and only needed a harder push. So David pushed and the beam that was holding the door from the other side fell down. I was quite shocked but the response from David was: “What? We found it this way.”

07.08. It seems to me that Kuldiga produces Ken-like boys (you know, like the doll) and ships them to the capital at age of 18 or so. That must be the reason why this town feels so safe – there are no old and drunk people on the streets at night. Only these kids that find my harmonica-playing quite amusing. I don’t blame them for that. 

08.08. Got into a fight… the opponent was kind of protecting his house though. Got a bruise out of it, so – I must have been lucky. Dogs don’t bite me that often. So we returned a bit earlier for Tea. The holidays start now. Tonight we’re going to a Karaoke night at the ISSP* building…this might be  quite interesting. 

I kind of promised myself to post more creative stories, but I somehow heel so tired that it’s almost impossible to concentrate. 

Will work on that though. 


*International Summer School of Photography 


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