Kuldīga 05

God puts us at a place for a reason, doesn’t He? 

The city is treating us well. I went to the waterfall yesterday at about 10 p.m. and had probably the best massage in my lifetime. The best and the longest. Total time I spent under the falling water could have been 40 minutes and it was so worth it! If the wetter would have been under 26 degrees, it could have gotten a bit chilly, but since Latvia experienced a new heat record since 1943, when on 4th of August it was 36.4 degrees… Oh, I’m starting to sound like a news channel. It was just unbelievably hot and maybe that’s why my hopes have gone down. 

You know when everyone says – oh, that’s just the first day, you’ll adapt – it should make you feel better, but the truth is – the first day either gives you a boost of confidence or drags you down. But now I have a taste of what should and shouldn’t be said. And a prepared speech wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s day 5 of being here, day 2 of fieldwork. I’m taking a deep breath and saying to myself: “Those are just people. Latvians like yourself. Think like a latvian – what would persuade you?” 


Remind me to write a daydream I had last night. 


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