Kuldīga 04

When you’re asked every morning for years “How are you”, I think it appears automatic to have many different answers to that question… like “I’m Ok; doing alright; not bad; I’m good” and so on. With time it would seem weird not to have that question asked. For a person like me it is challenging to talk to someone in the morning, to think about “How am I feeling”. You ask that question in the middle of the day, no? Or when you meet a person after some time. Though the night would fit anyway. Some time has passed. 

I feel that David’s waiting on me. That’s what happens when your morning schedules differ for about 3 hours. But I don’t feel rushed. This will be the first day of fieldwork and  I’m feeling a bit insecure though I know that these people are as average as they can possibly be. Nevertheless – let’s see what the day brings. 


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