Kuldīga 03

People come and go.

Yesterday morning we had breakfast (they had breakfast at our side of the house) with two delightful people – designers who took part in the PechaKucha presentations on Friday night.

In 11 days they are going to get married. Charles comes from Sweden and has taken a brave decision – he’s changing his surname to Bušmanis for several reasons but mostly to please Elinas family. They have been trying to arrange this wedding for a while now and what surprises me – if you are a foreigner wishing to get married in Latvia, be prepared for a document mountain and a line of procedures that has to be done before putting on the suit or the dress. Wasn’t aware of that. Actually I was quite sure that the complexity wouldn’t differ from an average latvian wedding, but it apparently does.

Nevertheless the story is about the Residency we’re staying in. Thanks to the Design movie festival there are a lot of people staying here. And they constantly change. Yesterday we had a chance to chat with Laura who came here as a representative from Kino Bize – an art house/ a movie theater in Riga. She spent the day writing subtitles for a movie that had to be shown at the night session. At the end they showed the movie without subtitles after all.

When I was asked if I wanted to go to the Golden Night Cinema with them to watch “Finding Vivian Maier”(2013),  I made an adult decision that surprised me more than I had expected. The day had been hot but still I walked threw the city for 4 hours just to get to know it. At 5 p.m. I’d seen “Yves Saint Laurent”(2014) and been absolutely pleased and inspired, so there was a microscopic  chance of not falling asleep while watching a documentary.
“I’d rather stay in tonight,” I said. “Though I’d like to see the movie, I’m afraid this day has been too much…feeling tired, you know.”
And then the most amazing thing happened. Laura gave me her computer saying “I have the movie here, you can watch it.” And I did. It was so compelling I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. As the story developed, I got more interested and I’d even say – more involved in the story. And so at one point, when they started to discuss the weirdness of Vivian, my childhood fear of opened windows and doors (at night) popped up.. That was the only time I paused the movie. Something needed to be done. We live in a house that’s next to the street. There is no lock at the gate and all the windows and the door was open. Naturally I switched on all the lights and went on the street to close the external windows. A cat almost gave me a heart attack, so I thought to myself: “Don’t be foolish, think… what makes you calm?” And the view just gave me an answer. I found myself taking pictures outside for about 20 minutes. THis is one of them:


After the movie ended I did not regret a thing. I had seen it. I had stayed at our house drinking tea and eating fruits. Everything was good in the world. Afterwards when Laura and David came back, there was a deep discussion about the differences between High tea and Low tea (also known as an Afternoon tea). Laura left early this morning.

The third day. Sunday. A church day.
I decided to visit House of God – Kuldiga edition. They had americans visiting as well as in every other service I’ve went to for the last month. It feels like every church has their own americans, nevertheless these people are amazing and open. Though David told me on Friday that he has lost the faith in American politics – in the way they handle things. I think the people God sends are different in every single way. They may have some cultural similarities but in general the way of thinking is similar to other Gods’ children.

We’re still waiting for Christel to arrive. The problems with her passport expiration date has been solved so she’s gonna be here on Monday.

I’d say that Kuldiga is not only the town that resembles Venice. It has it’s own oddity – it is the town of home cats… an unknown number of groomed, well-fed cats who are independent and willing to share their love with everyone. Just this morning I saw a cat going to visit someone who had an open window on the second floor.


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